Court Reflection

This was my first time reporting in a courtroom so I was not too sure what to expect. I felt more comfortable after our class went to the County Court of Melbourne and met with one of the female judges as she told us the do’s and do not’s of journalist court reporting.

The day the class went to the County Court was productive for myself as it was a real eye opener. People’s lives changing right in front of you are something that I have never experienced before.

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Assessment Two Reflection

The hard news story I chose was on the recent upgrade to Dandenong High school delivered by the state government. This is a very important upgrade not only for the school though the Greater Dandenong community.

Also essential for the future of Dandenong’s education system to be stable.

I learnt a lot regarding the ethical and legal regulations governing political reportage during this story.

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Political Report

Political Briefing

This report will provide the reader with information regarding Greater Dandenong, its location, its federal, state and local political landscape, its population and economic profile, notable contacts and general information. This report is designed to assist political journalists as it contains facts that are essential knowledge when reporting in this area.

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Political News Story

Dandenong High receives upgrade to keep kids in school

Dandenong High School has received a timely $3 million upgrade from the Victorian state government to decrease the number of students leaving school prematurely.

The 2014 overview of Greater Dandenong found young people in the area are more likely to leave school early compared to metropolitan Melbourne (13% to 10%).

This recent upgrade given to Dandenong High is the last stage, stage 4, of the state government’s plan of redeveloping and refurbishing the school.

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