Understanding Journalism

Every week we have class exercises that are set out for us by our tutor Sonja. On this page you will see the various activities that we do!


The Age Photo

Here is my photo from our first ever tutorial! Here we had to go to ‘The Age’ and get a memento and a photo!

Left to Right: James Cusack, Cormac Pearson and Conor Morrissey.


For our activity this week we had to:

  • Find the news angle
  • Write an intro, less than 25-words, using all hard news conventions
  • Include the Who, What, When, Where and the Why and How if appropriate (if not, the why and how go in paragraph 2)
  1. A van and fire truck have collided at a Parkville intersection this morning leaving one man dead and two men hospitalised.
  2. Report released by a Highway Safety Institute today in Canberra presents the idea that bigger cars are more safe than smaller cars.
  3. Article published in Victoria today suggests children should not be eating hot dogs or lollies as facts show choking deaths.


Direct and indirect quotes:



Direct – “we will increase our majority in next month’s election by at least 10 seats,” Prime Minister Robert Lang said.

Indirect – Robert Lang said the “disarray of the Opposition” will cause the government to increase their majority by 10 seats.


Direct – “We plan to build a new prison remand centre in Melbourne,” Victorian Minister for Community Services Mr Williams said.

Indirect – Mr Williams said “Melbourne new prison remand centre will be built”.


Direct – “dull orthodox paintings,” usually win the Hendrix Prize for Portraiture, Terence Philby said.

Indirect – “Mr Philby said “dull orthodox paintings” mostly win the Hendrix Prize for Portraiture.


Direct – “I’m innocent,” convicted murderer, John Beaumont said.

Indirect – John Beaumont, a convicted murderer said, “I’m innocent”.


Journalism Interview Exercise:

An 18-year-old man’s body has been found at Kooroogool Nature Park this afternoon.

The body was found by two male youths who were walking through the park.

Senior Constable Tony Douglas said at this stage “there does not appear to be any evidence of foul play”.

If you or anyone you know are concerned call Lifeline 13 11 14.


Speech Report:


Mr Sid Entrepreneur opens his speech saying how he believes small businesses are the engine room of the economy. Without small businesses “there would be no national economy and no community life,” said Sid Entrepreneur. In today’s world small businesses according to Sid need to have a bigger voice so they can be heard by the politicians and the bureaucrats. Sid said, “we have fallen by the wayside”. Next, small businesses are being hit by larger taxes, e.g. it drains $2 million away every financial year. Sid goes onto say how small businesses have had next to no help from the Federal or State Governments. All levels between small businesses and governments must cooperate if small businesses are going to survive.


Ombudsman Report:

Ombudsman slams the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

An investigation by the Victorian Ombudsman has exposed serious system failures at the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The inquiry was prompted after a grieving mothers tried more than 20 times to get a birth certificate for her deceased child.

Ombudsman Deborah Glass said this was “typical and concerning”. Ms Glass also noted hundreds of complaints were registered from July 2014 to December 2016.

Ms Glass said her office “would expect the Registry to fulfill its statutory obligations with efficiency and accuracy”.

The report into the investigation also blamed inefficiencies on reduced staffing and a massive restructure of the Registry.

“Embrace the change” was Ombudsman Glass’ message to the Registry at a press conference earlier this morning.

Ms Glass welcomed the response of the Department of Justice and Regulation in accepting the recommendations made from her investigation.

The people that i would contact if i wanted answers for my questions would be:

  1. The Registry on 1300 369 367
  2. Would try and get the Department of Justice for media inquiries and media releases: 03 8684 0313




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